Promise Cards

The “Promise” card, or sticker, is something that can be used during a special stewardship program or training event to help members and leaders commit to putting God first in their lives. There are several categories of commitment that include spiritual, physical, and financial stewardship. The cards can be collected and the members prayed for, or they can be kept by the individual “Promisor” as a reminder. The stickers can be placed n their Bibles. 

Feel free to download the card on: or make your own customized one for your region. Our branding images may be found at:

Children’s Offering Organizer Bags 

It is beneficial, as with any good habit, to form good stewardship practices from an early age. Help your child or children’s Sabbath School class to learn about dedicating their lives, their gifts, and their material possessions to God first by using this practical device for kids. Any promotion company would be able to make such bags with four pockets. You may give your bag a customized branding or download ours on:

Watch this video presentation by Janice Mathews to understand why it is important to teach stewardship to kids:


Passion, Purpose & Power, compiled and edited by Dr. James Nix, director of the White Estate, is a book full of original stories of our early Adventist pioneers. What is immediately noticeable is the passion they had for spreading the light with which God was blessing the “little flock” as a new movement. They sacrificed all that they had for this purpose. The growth of the “little flock” into the worldwide movement that it is today is evidence that the Holy Spirit attended their early work with power. May the Lord bless our efforts today to commit to being good stewards of the gospel and all that God entrusts to us, including our ability to give financially to His work. 

Find this book as a pdf on our Web site under the downloadable resources, or contact us for a print-ready file in English. Also feel free to translate it and print it in your region with our permission.

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