Farmers of the Pulpera-Velille Seventh-day Adventist Church in the southeastern region of Peru, celebrate God’s faithfulness at the Festival of Giving after bringing a tithe and offerings of their crops to the Lord. “God First in My Harvest” is declared on their posters.

The Stewardship Ministries of the world field have been busy ministering to their regions. Twenty-three Stewardship Ministries events have been reported by six divisions this past quarter. We know that more have taken place in other regions too. Since our last edition, Stewardship advisories, symposia, congresses, conferences, seminars, and camp meetings, as well as Holy Convocation events, have been held. Among these, some unique opportunities have been taken to express our motto, “God First,” in every aspect of our lives: Giving Festivals in Peru, where farmers bring tithe and offerings from their crops; a naming ceremony for an Island as “God First” in the Lake Titicaca Mission territory in Puno, Titicaca, Peru; and a farm near Rugombo, Burundi, which was dedicated to God and tithed. Enjoy reading about these events and their accompanying photo galleries under the Division Reports section in the monthly GC Stewardship Newsletter, on