My Promise & the Generosity Factor

Pr. Penny Brink, in conversation with Pr. Marcos Faiock Bomfim

My "Promise" is a term attributed to an offering that is both regular and systematic in nature, according to God’s guidance in Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy. This offering, a percentage of the giver’s income, is given every time he or she has an income and is based on a percentage of that income, predetermined by that giver, according to his or her own levels of blessing and gratitude, and as part of their worship. 

This offering is regular because, like tithe, it is given every time the worshiper has an income; and it is systematic because it is under the same system as tithe, i.e., percentage-based, and not based on an amount. Compare the concepts of “Promise” and “Tithe” in the table below:

The Generosity Factor is the average percentage of their income that church members of a given church or field have given as their Promise (regular and systematic offering).

Generosity factor in the World Church*

* These are figures accessed by ASTR at the date of this edition, and they are subject to change as new data is received.

How to calculate the Generosity Factor of your church or field

The Generosity Factor is the percentage of tithed income given as offerings. Best use to establish a trend.

Calculation: 1. Choose region (church, mission, conference, or field) and the period to be measured. 2. Multiply the total tithe [A] of this period by 10. The result will be the “Total Assumed Income” [B]. 3. Divide the total offerings [C] (all categories) by [B] “Total Assumed Income” (see above). 4. Then multiply the result [D] above by 100 (to get the percentage).The final result is the Generosity Factor [GF].

Pr. Penny Brink
Pr. Penny Brink from South Africa, is the assistant director of GC Stewardship Ministries and the editor of the Dynamic Steward.
Pr. Marcos Faiock Bomfim
Pr. Marcos Faiock Bomfim is the director of the GC Stewardship Ministries Department.