2020 Tithe and Offerings Readings and Videos

The Book:

  • Tithe and Offerings Readings ( Download for translation or for reading in your local church).
  • Additional ideas: Use this book for spiritual growth and also during Family worship.

The videos (available in the table below, according to the schedule):

NOTE: Divisions and Unions can request the video open files for translation. Send us an email to receive the files.

Sabbath Reading Title View PDF Watch Video Video Script
1 GOD FIRST BY HABIT God First By Habit Video 1 God First By Habit
2 PERFORMER OF JUST ONE MUSIC Performer of Just One Music Video 2 Performer of Just One Music
3 A WORLDWIDE MISSION A Worldwide Mission Video 3 A Worldwide Mission Script
4 RAMÓN AND THE FAILING PASTOR Ramón and the Failing Pastor Video 4 Ramón and the Failing Pastor Script
5 WHY AM I BRINGING MY OFFERING? Why Am I Bringing My Offering Video 5 Why Am I Bringing My Offering
6 JOSEPH’S BONES JOSEPH'S BONES Video 6 Joseph's Bones script
7 HOW MUCH IS THE TITHE OF ZERO? How Much Is the Tithe of Zero Video 7 How Much is the Tithe of Zero Script
8 I AM WILLING TO SIN I Am Willing to Sin Video 8 I am Willing to Sin script
9 “GOD FIRST” DATING "God First" Dating Video 9 "God First" Dating script
10 WHAT IS YOUR BICYCLE? What Is Your Bicycle? Video 10 What is Your Bicycle? script
11 A MINISTRY WITH A GREAT REACH A Ministry With A Great Reach Video 11 A Ministry With Great Reach script
12 IS IT A CHURCH’S INVENTION? Is It A Church's Invention? Video 12 Is it a Church's Invention? script
13 WHEN TO BRING YOUR OFFERINGS? When to Bring Your Offerings? Video 13 When to Bring Your Offerings? script