A Simple Budget and the Use of Money—Teaching Children Spiritual Values

This presentation, the second of a series of three (2/3), is aimed at parents wanting to provide a Christian financial education to their children and to prepare them to put God first in their adult life. It is also part of the Family Finance Seminar, presented by Marcos Bomfim, the General Conference Stewardship Ministries Director

This presentation suggests that parents teach their children the three main uses of money, helping them to develop their first ideas of budgeting. We also revisit the concept of 'Promise' (regular and systematic offering), and provide guidance about how to worship during the offertory.

Pastor Bomfim also speaks of the importance of self-control, self-denial, a "saving mindset," postponement of gratification, and a simple lifestyle.

Segments of two videos produced by the General Conference Stewardship Ministries department were inserted:

Two Principles of Giving: https://youtu.be/MzlV4J67kjM

Luana's Sacrifice Offering: https://youtu.be/VHG8yhAostA.

This presentation is based on Don Crane's "Family Finance Seminar."

WATCH NOW: https://youtu.be/-jjrDNQ4k7k