A Week of Stewardship “Worship” Programs

Two special events are taking place in the North Brazilian Union, SAD. The first is a program called “Worship.” It is a week of stewardship programs transmitted via satellite to all 3,200 churches in the union’s territory. During this stewardship week, the union will undertake a fantastic family visitation program and visit more than 10,000 families. This visit aims to teach families the principles of faithfulness. Visitation, talking to people in their homes, and teaching them the basic principles are part of a key stewardship initiative. Through this process, pastors may also learn how to include the subject of stewardship in their visitation agenda.

The second event is a training session. Field Stewardship leaders in the union along with 200 theology students from the Adventist seminary in the north are studying the biblical principles of Christian stewardship together.

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