About the Author

Dr. Ken Long is a business consultant working in a Government program where he provides advice to help businesses improve their competitiveness and profitability. He has broad industry experience having commenced his business career as a lawyer before holding senior management positions in the de-regulating electricity and gas markets and IT commercialization. Ken has also been involved as a senior consultant in developing leadership and management skills with a particular emphasis on business acumen. His business skills include business strategy development, business development, sales, and marketing management.

Dr. Long developed the concept of the Model Steward Canvas for a program on business, innovation, and discipleship that he and Christina Hawkins, then Stewardship Director of the South Pacific Division delivered to a group of Christian entrepreneurs in Papua and New Guinea in December 2019. The participants loved the concept but were all surprised that the worlds of business and Christianity could be combined as their understanding was that they should be separate. This book adopts the term business as mission, the intentional combination or integration of two concepts – business and mission. “The idea of integration is important. This is not ‘ministry’ tacked onto business for convenience or business tacked onto ministry. Instead, the mission is worked out in and through the business, through its activities, through the products and services, and through relationships”. The life of the apostle Paul as a professional tentmaker (Acts 18:1-3) demonstrates this concept of integration.

Ken has degrees in Law and Accounting as well as a Master of Business Administration (Marketing) and Doctor of Business Administration (Organizational Innovation).

You may contact Dr. Long via email here.