Practical stewardship involves the whole life, as seen in the five "T"s of stewardship, i.e. our time, temple (body), talents, treasure, testimony. Become a good steward of the gifts of health, family, friends and personal spirituality.
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Mission Opportunities

The Seventh-day Adventist Church upholds the gospel commission through the work of departments such as Adventist Mission and Adventist Volunteer Services, and Personal Ministries. Visit the websites below to view how this work is conducted and to see what opportunities there may be for you to get involved:

Opportunities to Serve - ADRA

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is concerned with practical Christianity. Caring for basic human needs is the practical aspect of the gospel. The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) proactively leads out in this work for the Church world-wide. Visit their site to see the latest news and see where you may become involved:


Stewardship of the Environment

Since creation, God has placed the earth and its creatures in our care. This has often been interpreted as a right to exploit nature for personal gain. In the prophecies of Revelation, we see that at the end of time, the Lord will hold us accountable. Environmental concerns are therefore a fundamental part of any holistic stewardship message. These nature photos and short messages kindly provided by Dick Deurksen are presented on this page to draw our attention to the beauty of nature and our responsibility to God.

The photo and words are provided by Dick Duerksen, Storyteller at Maranatha Volunteers International. For greeting cards, posters, or prints of Dick's photos, please email him at


Daily Devotional

The preacher

Brent had just arrived from New Zealand and his rough workmates in the industrial firm wanted to save the young man from Keith Barry--one of those "weird Adventists." But despite the taunts and the odd crust thrown Keith's way during their lunch break, Keith never retaliated or altered the long-suffering smile on this face. Little by little, Brent came to admire this man.