General Weekly/Daily Schedule

First Weekend

  • Friday: Evening meeting to explain the program to pastors and to motivate them.
  • Sabbath: Preaching during the morning and visitation or some special program in the afternoon. Evening free.

During the Week (Tuesday to Friday)

  • Mornings (except Monday):
    • Prayer walk early in the morning (1 hour).
    • Breakfast.
    • Time for communion with God. It should be included in the written daily schedule (1 hour).
    • Praise
    • Testimonies about previous day’s program.
    • Visitation reports (each pastor should report last visitation).
    • Quick revision of the evening sermon.
    • Seminars (three seminars each day).
  • Lunch: Prepare good quality vegetarian meal.
  • Afternoon (except Monday): Visitation according to schedule prepared by the churches.
  • Dinner: Provided for each pastor by their participating church, according to schedule. Exceptions – First Friday and two Sabbaths
  • Evenings (except Sabbaths): Church service.

Last Weekend

  • Friday: Sunset worship may be conducted with families at the church to revive Sabbath keeping. It may be followed by a Holy Supper Service or a meal of fruits.
  • Sabbath:
  • Sermon
  • Renewal of Vows
  • There may be some stewardship seminar or Closure Stewardship Congress that includes all participating churches.

Suggestive Evening Church Program

  • Praise
  • Prayer
  • Call for revival and reformation according to suggested key areas (See file “Holy Convocation daily call”)
  • Special music
  • Sermon
  • Hymn
  • Closing prayer

Some Subjects to Be Presented to Pastors During the Morning Programs

  • Holy Spirit and new a heart
  • Promise (offerings)
  • Tithe
  • How to visit
  • How to preach about stewardship
  • Others


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