Oxford Professor John Lennox is a world-renowned mathematician, Bible teacher, and leading Christian apologist who has publicly debated the world’s most prominent atheists. How much would you give to attend a private dinner with him? Would you give 25 minutes of your time?

Recently, Gospel Patrons hosted a dinner in London where Lennox was asked a series of questions about faith and finance. Here is the recording of this important event! Very few people could handle these questions with Lennox’s brilliant combination of wisdom and humility.

Some of the questions he answered so succinctly include:

  1. How do we keep ourselves from the idolatry of wealth?
  2. Should I give to physical needs or spiritual needs?
  3. What does the world desperately need today?
  4. Does God want me to give all my money away?
  5. Are business people in full-time ministry?
  6. What's the relationship between money and eternity?

You can choose which of Lennox’s answers to watch here or watch the whole 25-minutes here —without even paying for a ticket to London!

Courtesy of Julian Archer, Stewardship Ministries director (SPD) and author of the Bruised Camel newsletter.

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