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A long-cherished dream has become a reality; the online version the Dynamic Steward is now available in four major languages. God’s church is growing. GC Stewardship Ministries heard the cry of a diversified community of believers and leaders and decided to make its flagship magazine available in Spanish, French, and Portuguese, in addition to English. We are thankful to God and to the enlarged team.

Dynamic Steward exists to help foster a spirit of faithfulness among God’s people. The content articulates three elements: the message, the individual, and the context. It aims to provide clear and Bible-based stewardship instructions to all segments of the church. Another goal is to empower individuals by providing tools for spiritual growth and development in such areas as managing and generating incomes. Foremost, it concentrates on equipping those in leadership to create a climate conducive to faithfulness.

Access the four languages here: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. You may change the language by selecting another using the dropdown arrow on the top right.

Continue to motivate us, and by His grace, we commit to continual improvement.


Aniel Barbe
Editor, Dynamic Steward

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