What is Stewardship?

Christian Stewardship is the service of the one who is saved by grace and has become a new creature by accepting the lordship of Jesus and by asking for the working of His Spirit in the heart; that person works in an intimate relationship with Him and manages His affairs on the earth.

Why is this department focusing on financial stewardship?

It is the responsibility of all ministries of the church to nurture people to embrace stewardship principles in all aspects of their life. Historically, for practical reasons, the Stewardship Ministries department has received the mandate to focus, but not exclusively, on financial stewardship. Finance is a key element that competes for lordship in our existence (Matt. 6:24).

What is the role of the Stewardship Ministries Department?

The Stewardship Ministries Department envisions a church and a world where people are putting God First. It invites all to trust God as Owner and Provider and to partner in His final mission through regular and systematic giving. This is achieved by empowering individuals spiritually, providing stewardship education to everyone, and cultivating a culture of transparency and accountability.

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Important Resources

For more resources, visit https://stewardship.adventist.org/resources.