• All participating: All pastors from this field will participate (including administrators and department directors), and during all the days of the program?
  • Spread information: Pastors, church leaders and members has already been informed about this program?
  • Administrators and department directors actively participating: Administrators (President, secretary and treasurer) and department directors will actively participate on the program, being present in all morning classes, all days of the program (including training, visitation and preaching)?

Food and Lodging

  • Natural environment: Was there an effort conducted to host pastors in a place close to nature?
  • Vegetarian food: Is there a tasteful Adventist vegetarian food being planned for pastors during this period of Holy Convocation?
  • Evening meal: Is there a schedule of church members that will provide a simple and healthy evening meal for each pastor before the evening sermon?


  • Length: Is this program planned for one whole week?
  • Personal communion: Is there in the daily schedule at least one hour dedicated to the pastor’s personal communion? Is this moment described in the program sheet that will be distributed to pastors?
  • Leisure time: Pastors will have a day (perhaps Monday) to relax and have some time to exercise and to be together?
  • Physical Exercise: Is there in the program a moment for a daily exercise or a walk for all pastors early in the morning? (In this program we offer a model of how should be the daily schedule of a district pastor).
  • Pre-meeting: Will it be a meeting with pastors and leaders of the participant churches on the first Friday evening to explain the program and for spiritual motivation?
  • Exclusive dedication to Stewardship: Is the daily program totally dedicated to Stewardship, TMI, Revival and Reformation?
  • A church to each pastor: Will it be a different church designated to each participating pastor?
  • Sermons: are there suggestive sermons to be preached every evening?
  • Balanced schedule: will it be a daily schedule for the council, including personal devotion, physical exercise, classes during the morning (training and inspiration), visiting at afternoon and preaching on evening?
  • Areas of strength: The weekly program is focused in strengthening key areas of spiritual life as health, family (faithfulness, love, forgiveness, etc,), family worship, Sabbath keeping, missionary involvement (Bible Studies, Small Groups, etc.), finances (tithes and Promise), lifestyle, music and entertainment?
  • Calls for commitment: participants will be called to make daily decisions about the above items, every evening, in the churches

Spiritual Diagnosis and Visitation

  • Spiritual diagnosis and priority visit: does a thorough research has been done with the treasury of each participating church to determine which church members will receive priority visit during the visitation program? (Usually we visit first those who are facing some kind of problems with tithing).
  • Visitation schedule: Is there a visitation schedule ready, with each pastor’s name and the name and address of the persons or families he will visit each day?

Renewal of Vows

  • A planned time: Will it be a moment for a Renewal of Vows for pastors at the end of the week, during the morning council?
  • Churches included: Will it be at the last weekend a renewal of vows using the commitment cards also in every participating church?
  • Commitment/Promise cards ready: Are the commitment cards ready and are they enough for each participating person?


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