A Holy Convocation is a meeting held within a region that brings all the pastors and stewardship leaders together for the purpose of training and spiritual renewal of the group and the church members in that area. The daily activities include personal devotional time, group worship, exercise, training seminars, and visitation of members in their homes with a specific, tried-and-tested stewardship agenda, as well as revival preaching in the local churches in the evenings by the pastors. The final Sabbath includes a call to commitment to faithful stewardship, using the commitment or "Promise" cards, downloadable below.

Goals for the “God First” Holy Convocation:

  • To strengthen or develop ministerial communion habits*.
  • To promote visitation as the main tool to foster communion habits* in church members.
  • To promote the concept and the practice of Promise among pastors and members.
  • To provide general Stewardship education to pastors and church members.

* Communion related habits: regular prayer; the study of the Bible, the Sabbath School lesson and the Spirit of Prophecy; family worship; Sabbath keeping; healthy physical habits; tithes and offerings.