I am a Steward—Partnering with God for Mission.

A promotional campaign for the NAD Adventist Giving App, this series of 24 videos—I Am a Steward—grows viewers’ understanding of stewardship using personal stories to help us remember that we belong to God.

I Am a Steward is a creative expression of redemptive grace that reflects every aspect of life: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial.

These short video testimonies can be incorporated into your church announcements session during worship or be used on stewardship emphasis days, during the collecting of tithes and offering, etc.

For more information about AdventistGiving, visit AdventistGiving.org. Also visit https://www.nadstewardship.org/i-am-a-steward-media-kit/to download the I Am a Steward videos and other promotional materials you can use. These videos will inspire you to put God first.

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