Several individuals in the Bible and throughout Adventist Church history have made “I Will Go” their life's motto. As we start a new quinquennium and get ready to share our response to the GC “I Will Go” 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, one Bible character especially comes to mind: David the giant killer.

On the battlefield of Sokoh in Judah, the challenge was close, persistent, beyond normal, and required someone to confront it. David’s brothers, the soldiers, King Saul, and everyone else involved commented on the gigantic challenge. They knew about the appropriate response and the reward awaiting the individual who would accept the challenge. Knowledge was not the issue, faith and courage were. But no one dared to take the challenge, except the little lad from Bethlehem: “Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him” (1 Sam. 17:32, NIV).

Various characteristics forged David into the hero of this crisis. In my estimation, one of these deserves our special attention as related to stewardship ministries: David acknowledges the sufficiency and efficiency of his resources to face the challenge Today, God’s people confront another daunting challenge: accomplishing God’s final mission. Mission in the end time is a challenge close to us, persistent, beyond normal, and requiring a man or a woman who will take God at His word. Who will make a stand?

Our response in stewardship ministries is to lead God’s people to acknowledge the sufficiency and efficiency of their resources to accomplish God’s final mission. This is best fulfilled by spiritual nurture, stewardship education, and the fostering of a trustworthy church context. I invite you to interact with our strategic orientation document and enjoy the following articles that emphasize some of the document’s key elements.

We Will Go!

—Aniel Barbe, Editor