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SAD Stewardship Ministries Resources - Our Little Friend (Special Edition) and Pathfinder App

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The South American Division’s Stewardship Ministries, in partnership with the division’s Youth Ministries for Adventurers and Pathfinders, has developed two projects to fulfill the Stewardship honor patch. For the Adventurers, the Brazilian Publishing House issued a special edition of the Nosso Amiguinho magazine (children’s content), which has existed for 65 years in South America. The magazine approached in a fun way the requirements of the honor. As for the Pathfinders, an APP was created to fulfill the stewardship honor that is mandatory for the South American Camporee. This APP contains the 20 requirements of the honor, making the research of this content easy and accessible. The results are presented on the chart. Note that one of them is the total of all tithe givers; the other is the number of faithful regular (monthly) tithe givers

13 Lesson Study Videos on the Book of Acts

Explore weekly insights into the 3rd quarter 2018 Sabbath School on the book of Acts presented by 13 different pairs of ministry partners across the South Pacific Division. In addition these videos can be used as small group conversation starters when studying the book of Acts or training on church planting and discipleship. They will be made available each week, one video per week, on our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You may also view them on Vimeo and YouTube.