New Stewardship Ministries Director in SPD

We bid farewell to Christina Hawkins of the South Pacific Division (SPD), who worked tirelessly to promote the God First principle in her territory. Christina’s passion for ministry, initiative, and determination to always press forward were contagious and have caused others to grow in faith. We were inspired by her constant willingness to be a blessing for our global community by creating materials to share with the world church. As a result of her service, reports from all parts of the SPD territory show significant growth in members’ faithfulness. We praise God for this fruitful ministry. We will all miss Christina’s unselfish and missionary spirit.

Christina will be replaced by Julian Archer. Julian is no stranger to the GC Stewardship Ministries team, and we wholeheartedly welcome him. It is certainly for such a time as this that the Lord has brought him to this new role. Julian’s testimonies, his book (HELP! I’ve Been Blessed! How to stop God’s blessings from becoming curses), and his blogs ( are inspiring and educational and have been used in some of our monthly GodFirst newsletters. We sincerely believe that Julian will be a great instrument to also promote the God First principle throughout the SPD territory and beyond.