Summary: Christian stewards reflect Jesus in everything. They are those in whom others see humanity as God intended his prized creation to be.

Beginning July, each issue of Dynamic Steward will focus on a particular theme. 1998 will emphasize gospel and stewardship; tithe; and partnership.

Although this issue was not planned to be thematic, while putting it together, I realized that there is an underlying theme after all! From Maxson’s challenge to include God in our vision and ministry, to Robert’s analysis of our relationships, to Smith’s call to train young stewards, to the sermons that emphasize the Christian life, I see a theme: Christian stewards reflect Jesus--in everything. Christian stewards are those in whom others see humanity as God intended his prized creation to be.

How does your life reflect Jesus? How can you touch someone as Jesus may have? What practical things can you do to enhance your role as God’s steward? It doesn’t need to be complicated or require a lot of time. Here’s a suggestion that I’ve made a part of my life: Set a time, say every Friday evening. Go through your address book--both personal and business acquaintances. Ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Then, prayerfully write a note, send a copy of an interesting story, or just give a call to someone you have not talked to in a while. Your unexpected gesture will do more than build better relationships. Your effort to reach out will be a small, but bright, reflection of Christ Jesus. Never underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit’s prompting when you are a true steward, a living reflection of Jesus.

And don’t be surprised if someone responds Thanks! How did you know that was just what I needed?