Summary: The South Pacific Division has produced stewardship videos for all ages. Using creative, timely scenarios, these videos teach the biblical foundations of stewardship.

For ages 5-10 . . .

Work It Out is the first of a series of puppet-based tools to teach stewardship concepts to young children. Work It Out focuses on the management of our time and resources. The next in the series (available end of 1998) focuses on stewardship of our bodies and approach the subject of healthy eating and the danger of junk food. Each video comes with a teacher\s guide and the lyrics/music for the theme song.

For ages 11 and up . . .

The Auditor is about Andrew, a young Australian college student who is skeptical about how his church spends tithes and offerings. He has no idea where all the money really goes. Then one night he has a surprise visitor—a heavenly visitor with impressive computer skills. Andrew, with the help of his hi-tech visitor, does some serious investigating and comes to a few interesting conclusions.

For ages 20 and up . . .

Where Your Heart Is introduces Bob and Anthony, two young executives. Their life speaks success—beautiful home, clothes, jet skies, pretty wives, lots of money. They sit down for another evening of television. Bob dozes off and . . . life becomes a nightmare. This modern parable brings home the fact that your treasure is where your heart is.

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July–September, 1998

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