By Tyler Morgan Robinson Fourth Grader, West Chester Seventh-day Adventist School, West Chester, PA

Summary: A fourth grade student reviews this book on interesting ways for children ages 8-12 to conduct business ventures.

I really got caught up in this book. Written for kids aged 8 to 12, it not only showed me how to make money but also taught me the value of being a good businessperson. I learned that money doesn\t just pop out of thin air, but is something I must earn through work. I also learned the importance of keeping my promises, doing my best, having integrity, and using God\s Word as a guide in all my business dealings.

Larry, a cool cat, is your guide throughout the book. He tells you all about the fundamentals of the PAWS code (Profit through Attitude, Witness, and Stewardship). He also gives advice and insights on identifying your talents, choosing your project, doing extra things that your customers don\t expect, practicing honesty in your work and realizing that satisfaction doesn\t always mean making money.

This book is divided into four sections: Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall. Each season offers projects categorized by levels of difficulty. So you have a variety of money-making ideas to use all year long, regardless of how old you are. The book is very easy to read and understand, and gives a lot of information on making your products noticeable, fair pricing, and business forms. My favorite part of each project is the Business by the Book section that shows me moral and biblical values I need to apply to my job and to myself. From this book I have learned how to plan my projects, figure out how much to charge, attract and keep customers, keep track of my money, give good service, set priorities, and be a good steward for God.

*50 Money-Making Ideas for Kids

By Lauree and L. Allen Burkett

(Adapted from materials from Larry Burkett)

Thomas Nelson Inc

Nashville, Tennessee