Summary: A review of two resources by Larry Burkett designed specifically to teach youth money management skills.

For the young adult

Shortly after leaving home, young adults embark on a learning curve so drastic that it resembles a roller-coaster ride. Things they never did before--such as operating a washing machine, paying bills, shopping for groceries, renting an apartment, using a credit card--suddenly become sink-or-swim survival skills. And unfortunately most young people fail to learn these basics while still at home!

The four books in Burkett\s Series, Consumer Books for Students, cover four topics: preparing for college, buying your first car, renting your first apartment, and getting your first credit card. These books are meant to teach the basic life skills needed to survive in today\s jungle. They contain a wealth of common sense tips, give sound advice from a godly, biblical perspective, and provide step-by-step tasks and checklists to keep the youth on track without being overwhelmed.

For the young child

Life in the Smokey Mountains is full of fun and adventure! Sarah, Joshua, and baby sister Carey live in a state park with their parents, who are forest rangers. Surrounded by natural beauty and built-in adventure, there\s always fun stuff to do and important lessons to learn. Join the Carmichael children as they discover how to save money, why to give to the church, how to spend wisely, and how to earn. Everyday circumstances serve as the background for teaching about God\s principles of stewardship.

Through exciting stories and vivid illustrations, the books in Great Smokey Mountain Storybook Series will put little ones right in the middle of all the action and adventure, while teaching them the anchor points of stewardship--that God is in control of all things, and as His stewards, we are to live responsibly and lovingly.

*Consumer Books for Students

Smokey Mountain Series

By Larry Burkett

Moody Press