by Cheryl Dunlop

Zondervan Publishing House

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Reviewed by Dynamic Steward Staff

Summary: A review of Follow Me as I Follow Christ, a manual to train teachers of youth Bible classes.

Has this scene ever been played at your church? It is time to elect new church officers. You have in front of you a list of names—none of them come with well-tailored resumes or impressive references. It\s just a list of names of ordinary people with extraordinary spirits—people who are willing to do anything for the church even if they\re not really qualified!

How often this is the case especially when looking for Sabbath School teachers! All those young minds to nurture and mold, yet not many with the training to teach young children in strong biblical education. So, what you end up with is a willing mom (or grandma or uncle) who tries to do the best he or she knows how.

Well, if this is the scenario at your church, you most definitely need Cheryl Dunlop\s Follow Me as I Follow Christ. This book is a teacher training series in book form. Churches need effective teachers who can transform the lives of children. Churches need programs that do more than entertain?they need programs that create a productive environment where children can learn about Jesus and what it means to be a follower of Him. Follow Me as I Follow Christ answers these needs by providing a practical teaching manual designed to ensure that all your teachers are equipped and motivated to do their best for the Lord. Divided into 52 sections that contain application questions, this book explores vital issues such as lesson planning, using the power of story-telling to teach effective use of visual aids, characteristics of age groups, respecting children and teaching children respect, and understanding across cultural lines dealing with disinterested kids.

As your teachers apply the insights found in this book, they will gain confidence and be an asset to the church\s ministry to children.