by Dr James Dobson

Word Publishing

Nashville, Tennessee


Reviewed by Claire L. Eva, Assistant Director, General Conference Stewardship

Summary: Series of books by James Dobson, dealing with the period of life from sixteen to twenty-six.


The critical decade—as well-known author, Dr. James Dobson, terms it, is the period between the ages of sixteen to twenty-six. This is a time when major life decisions are made, and therefore a time when helpful guidance is crucial. Adapted from his best-selling book Life on the Edge, are seven pocket-sized booklets offering insight and advice for a generation searching for significance. Following is a brief review of four of these volumes.

Getting Along With Your Parents

Surrounded by negative pressures, how can a young adult continue to honor his/her parents but still move into the increased freedom and responsibility his/her stage of life requires? In this booklet, Dr. Dobson reveals ways to minimize the tension between parents and their adult children.

Love Must Be Tough: Maintaining a Healthy Dating Relationship

Sharing from his personal romantic experiences, Dobson explains how one can keep emotions in check and not move too fast in the early stages of romance. He also explains the vital importance of self-respect—respect both for oneself and for the other person, who may need space to sort out his or her own emotions and feelings.

Finding God\s Will For Your Life

In this booklet, James Dobson reassures that God is there to guide in the best choices for one\s life. He describes how youth can learn to follow God\s leading and navigate around the various land mines that lie in your path. Decisions you make today, Dobson says, will affect your life in the decades to come. Making good decisions will serve you well in later life.

Money and Success

Money and Success includes some of the following brief chapters; The Money Treadmill, Money: Jesus\ Most Talked-About Topic and Sound Advice from a Dying King. In this volume, James Dobson discusses the pitfalls of pursuing earthly treasure and how one may develop a perspective that will provide peace, joy and happiness.

Other titles in the series are Emotions Friend or Foe, The Keys to a Lifelong Love and Trusting God When Life Goes Wrong.