By Sheila Walsh

WaterBrook Press

Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2001

US$14.95; $9.95

In the introduction to the first book in her series, In Search of the Great White Tiger: A Story About Following God, Sheila Walsh tells a touching story. An elderly woman who attended her presentation at a Women of Faith conference approached her and declared, ? this is the first time I have truly understood that God loves me! From this encounter Walsh began a journey motivated by her desire to help children discover what it took this woman so long to realize.

The outcome of her experience is a growing series of allegorical books for children which Walsh likens to a Pilgrim\s Progress for little ones. In the first volume we are introduced to the animal characters of the land of Gnoo. The image of God is portrayed by the Great White Tiger and the enemy is the evil dragon, Reptillion. The first volume introduces Big Billy the panda and his friends who journey to find the Great White Tiger, while Reptillion is in hot pursuit. The second in the series, Chattaboonga\s Chilling Choice: A Story About Trusting God, tells of a young tomboy chimp\s straying from the counsel of the Great White Tiger and finding herself in great peril.

Each colorfully illustrated volume motivates the reader to continue the journey to discover answers to unanswered questions! My only criticisms are that as I read, I felt the need for a clearer focus with fewer digressions and fewer overused phrases. Having said that, I believe that Sheila Walsh\s pilgrimage to help children experience the love of God is more than vital. I look forward to the upcoming volumes and to finding the better key!