Reviewed by Brendon Prutzman, Youth Pastor

Spencerville SDA Church, Silver Spring, Maryland

Mark Mittelberg\s Becoming a Contagious Christian offers more to church leaders and their youth groups than I can begin to describe. This work is based on reaching out to those around you by developing and communicating your own faith, in your own style.

Becoming a Contagious Christian proposes taking an everyday youth group that already knows God and transforming it into a group of ?contagious Christians.? These materials teach you how to develop relationships where your interests lie. They teach you how to be intentional in relationships, how to transition—in a non-confrontational manner—an ordinary conversation into a spiritual one. They show youth how to effectively present Christ to others.

The program\s unique strength is that it challenges young people to take their Christian walk to the ?next level.? Evangelism is presented in such a way that youth can actually grab hold and take new insights with them.

These materials can be presented in a variety of ways, allowing the leader to keep the group\s interest and still emphasize the key points of the program. The set comes with a leader\s guide, student guide, video, and PowerPoint CD-ROM. The video is excellent and speaks to youth on their level. The unique PowerPoint presentation held the attention of my youth group as well.

I challenge you to get this program and put it into action. There is nothing more thrilling to a young person than to introduce a friend to Christ. It is something he or she will never forget!