Reviewed by Claire L. Eva, Assistant Director

General Conference Stewardship Ministries

One day I slipped into a familiar card shop and glanced at the cover of a devotional book that appealed to me, Beside a Quiet Stream: Words of Hope for Weary Hearts by Penelope J. Stokes. As I read I was inspired and renewed by the short, meaningful devotionals. I have since read her Simple Words of Wisdom: 52 Virtues for Every Woman. Now I’m a fan.

Thanks Dad! Lessons from the Lake on Living and Loving, is a brief but insightful account of lessons that the young Penelope gleaned from her father over the years during their weekly fishing excursions from their lakeside property.

Some of the virtues described in this colorfully illustrated text are: Responsibility, Skill, Risk, Self-Awareness, Priorities, Courage, Independence, Acceptance, Regret, Patience, Inner Peace, Contentment, and Optimism. The author remembers phrases her father shared with her and applies them to the qualities listed above. For instance, in the chapter on Responsibility, her father’s admonition was, ?Bait your own hook; clean your own catch.? The section on Skill—?Finesse, not force.? And on Courage—?To find the fish, you have to get out of the cove.?

I joyfully recommend this small volume to you, for you, along with the two previous volumes mentioned. They make lovely gifts!