Claire L. Eva, Assistant Director, General Conference Stewardship Ministries

What might have happened if the prodigal son had done something different with the inheritance his ?prodigal? father gave him? We might say he did the worst thing he could do—?squander his wealth in wild living? (Lk 15). But another close rival of ?worsts? would be to ?tear down his barns and build bigger ones? just to hoard all of his ?stuff? (Lk 12). So, the question is not so much, ?How much have I squandered or stored up for myself?? But, in all of my daily living and planning, ?Where is my heart??

God called David a ?man after his own heart? (Ac 13:22). I’ve often thought about that. Despite his sins, God says David possessed a heart that ?beat like? His own (Message Bible). I Peter 1: 22 says we are to ?love deeply from the heart.?

It’s time in ?deed? to get serious about loving like that—our Lord, ourselves, others. Today, this moment, is fresh and new. It’s the best time ever to know the freedom of what it means to get our finances in order and our hearts beating to the rhythm of our Father’s heart. Just imagine what we might do with our inheritance!