By Max Lucado

W Publishing Group

Nashville, Tennessee

2001 US$ 21.99

Reviewed by Charlotte Iskanian, Editor Mission Magazine, General Conference Sabbath School

We memorized the twenty-third Psalm as children and have seen it analyzed from every angle. But just when we thought we knew all the nuances and innuendoes of this famous psalm, Max Lucado approaches it from a new and releasing perspective—a lesson in letting go of burdens that weigh us down.

With typical Lucado humor, the author admits that he has never been able to pack light. His suitcases are a testimony to packing for every contingency. But he invites the reader to join him in letting God remove those heavy burdens we carry around with us.

Likening such habits as self-reliance, envy, discontent, worry, guilt, and arrogance to heavy and unnecessary baggage that we carry through life, Lucado urges us to unpack that heavy baggage and travel light, filling our journey with joy and energy. This book is a must-read for overburdened leaders, weary laborers, and overworked moms who need to stop for a moment and reexamine the roadmap of their life and the baggage they carry. We may just find that we can make the journey through this life with grace and joy.