Claire L. Eva, Assistant Director, General Conference Stewardship Ministries

Summary: What can happen when God speaks and we answer the challenge? Read to find out how one woman’s life completely changed by doing just that. We too may respond in the same joyful way!

In April of 1990, Angela Mason, a San Francisco personnel recruiter, happened

upon the television news show 20/20. Since that night, her life has not been the same. This dramatic turn emerged from the sorrow that engulfed her as she viewed conditions in a Romanian orphanage.

Angela carried her own personal grief. At age 19, she was brutally assaulted and left for dead. But she survived. And now she knew she must do something to help. ?That’s why I lived: to be a voice for children who have no voice.? (United Airlines Hemispheres Magazine, August 2003, p. 28).

Becoming that ?voice? has meant major personal losses to Angela—a husband, ninety percent of her former income, amongst others. From her desire to make a difference, the organization Touch Romania has been established. Some of the pro­grams Mason has developed include foster care, counseling, and the reuniting of children with their families.

Being a Christian means being a follower, a disciple, of Christ. And being Christ’s disciple means living as His steward and partner. For no one can follow without taking responsibility for His resources and ministering to His world (Gn 1:28).

Jesus’ kingdom work is so blended with humanity—with us—that when we do some kindness for another, He declares we have done it to Him (Mt 25:40).

Just stop to think about it. Amazingly, to care for others is to care for Christ! To share our blessings is to share the riches of heaven. In the words of Todd Temple, (author of our Youth resource, p. 3), ?Giving to people in need spills the Christmas spirit all over the calendar.? It is just like Christmas everyday!

Could life be more joyful than to follow in Christ’s train of infinite giving? He gave from what His Father gave Him and offered it with loving compassion. If we allow Him to use us, we will share like this. Kind words and actions, materials bless­ings, and the care of His earth. Just like Angela, our lives will never be the same.