By Todd Temple


Grand Rapids, Michigan

2003 US$19.99

10 Bible-Based Sessions on Making, Saving, and Spending Money

Marketers spend billions of dollars every year to ?shape our students\ money habits and values, yet the church gives our young people almost no guidance on the subject.?

Money Talks is a much-needed resource for youth leaders relating to teenagers in today\s materialistic culture. Each of the 10 lessons is really two—a leader lesson precedes each student lesson. The book is beautifully laid out and is full of excellent graphics, quotes, and activities. The best part is the wisdom and way in which Temple communicates so effectively with teens.

His enthusiasm is catching. You can\t help but be inspired and motivated to see how you can give more to others in need. He says, ?There are just four basic things you can do with money: Get It, Give It, Invest It, and Spend It.? Then Temple lays out a practical plan for budgeting, covering these four areas.

Especially inspiring is this quote from lesson 4 on ?Mercy Money.? Temple says, ?Extend Christmas. If you like Christmas because you enjoy watching your family open gifts you\ve made or bought for them, then why wait all year to feel that thrill? Giving to people in need spills the Christmas spirit all over the calendar.?

While we would differ regarding every aspect of returning tithe (or the tenth) to God, and believe it is continued in the New Testament, Temple\s statement is one to spiritually internalize: ?Ten percent is a good starting place.? This is one of the best youth resources you could add to your library on finances for teens