By Kim Moore & Pam Mellskog


Colorado Springs, Colorado

2002 US $8.00

Reviewed by Claire L. Eva, Assistant Director, General Conference Stewardship Ministries

What is a ?patchwork heart?? In their work bearing the same name, authors Kim Moore and Pam Mellskog begin with an allegory to illustrate what it means to have such a heart.

The book that follows this simple allegory is rich with meaning and stories which illustrate the important journey toward deepening your love for others. How can you share with others if you have little to share? The turning point for Kim Moore seems to have been her own tragic personal losses she willingly shares with her readers.

After sharing two biblical meanings for ?compassion,? the authors conclude: ?This is great news for the compassionately challenged.? We learn ? we don’t possess enough love and concern within ourselves to continually give to the people in our lives. But God has an unending amount of compassion that He is more than willing to share? (p. 38).

Each chapter offers a new aspect toward learning to become a more compassionate Christian and ?grace giver.? This is a wonderful book to help you as you grow a ?patchwork heart? that cares for others. (For more information, see page 2, Application.)