Traci A. Lemon, Editorial Assistant, Sabbath School and Personal Ministries

Summary: Sharing is more than personal—it is the very expression of who we are. God wants us to share Him and live Him by simply sharing ourselves. Read to discover three distinctive ways we share with one another.

I had been thinking a lot about sharing. So when I was invited to write on the topic, I happily accepted. I thought it would be a quick, fun write, but after twelve days, ?sharing? still wasn’t written. Then it dawned on me what was going on.

Recently I’ve been talking to God about what and how He wants me to share with others. And I’ve been waiting for an answer. The fact is—I’m missing the point. He has already given me the answer. God wants me to share Him and live Him by simply sharing myself! Waiting to know God’s answer actually keeps me from sharing right now.

When I’m not sharing, I’m not thinking about God but am absorbed with myself. Whenever I question my capacities and abilities, I am not hearing or believing that He is my Source. I make God ?wrong? by doubting His promise to endow me the moment I need it. I make others ?wrong? for believing I am capable and for trusting me to keep my word. Not exactly an attitude of sharing, is it?

What is sharing? The following distinctions come to my mind:

? Sharing as having: I have or can buy an object and give all or part of it to you. For example, I have some groceries, clothes, books, a gift ... for you.

? Sharing as doing: I am able to do some task for or with you. I will clean your house, help you wash dishes, mow the lawn, take you to church or to the doctor, teach you to read, write, cook....

? Sharing as being: I am with you, emotionally, in spirit, soul-to-soul. We share an emotion, express a feeling, listen, or are quiet with one another. We are just being together.

Sharing is more than personal—it is the very expression of who we are. We share our individuality, our vulnerability, and our love as the natural response to our God who loves us. No matter what is shared, it is never about me. It is about the God who created me and everyone He places in my life.

Jesus said: ?Love one another, as I have loved you?. Love your neighbor as yourself? (Jn 13:34, 35; Mk 12:29-31). He would not commission us without empowering us. When we see what God has shared with us—His love, His power and His eternal kingdom—we can’t help but share. Don’t wait to share!