By Steve and Janie Sjogren


Colorado Springs, Colorado

2002 US$ 8.00

Reviewed by the staff of Dynamic Steward

Have you been thinking a lot about ways to help people in need but are not sure where to start? This small volume is packed with ideas—101 to be exact! If you feel the need to find new and creative ways to reach out to your community, this book is for you

The book is divided into four levels: 1) Relief—Meeting an Immediate Need, 2) Reconciliation—Seeing People Get Right with God and One Another, 3) Reconstruction—Creating New Economic and Life Opportunities, and 4) Relocation—Becoming World Changers.

Just a few ways on the list are: Nail Care, Backpacks for the Homeless, Adopt a Prisoner’s Family, Potluck in the Park, Nursing Home Pet Parade, Literacy Programs and many more. What is especially helpful is the counsel that comes with the list— inspirational wisdom and sound suggestions for how to help. Look for other books by the Steve Sjogren—Seeing Beyond Church Walls and Conspiracy of Kindness are just two!