by Greg Ogden and

Gregory J. Ogden

InterVarsity Press

Downer’s Grove, Illinois

2003 US$ 12.00

Reviewed by Benjamin C. Maxson, Director, General Conference Stewardship Ministries

Ogden continues on the path he blazed when he wrote The New Reformation. This time he focuses specifically on discipleship. While his model includes structure and curriculum, his focal point is on a covenantal relationship in a triad. Within this grouping of three individuals, a peer discipling process develops.

The author explores the current need for discipling within today’s church. He shares research by George Barna, as well as personal experience, to analyze the lack of maturity in the life of the individual Christian. He states: ?The irony is that in our attempt to reach the masses through mass means we have failed to train people the masses could emulate.? Then he identifies Christ’s method and shows how Scripture provides a model for our ministry.

This book is packed with practical help for developing a discipling strategy in a local congregation. The author’s experience provides a rich knowledge base to enhance today’s church. He makes discipling doable for the average church.