by Helen and David Haidle


Grand Rapids, Michigan

2000 $US 4.99

Zonderkidz\ beautifully illustrated book entitled, Creation, is written and illustrated by Helen and David Haidle, respectively. The story of Creation features excerpts from Genesis and the Psalms which show the beauty of God\s inspired work.

After describing the Creation week and how God blessed the Sabbath or seventh day and rested upon it, the book does not end there. The reader receives three additional sections as a bonus—

? ?God Created Amazing Creatures!?

? ?God Created Amazing Senses!?

? ?God Created Colorful Creatures and Amazing Shapes!?

These last six pages describe and smartly illustrate such interesting creatures as the octopus, the moth-brooder fish, the star-nosed mole, and more.

The graphics exude a sense of movement as God travels through the atmosphere creating this world. A good book to share and discuss with your children.

Psalm 19:1-4

The heavens tell about the glory of God.

The skies show that

his hands created them.

No sound is heard from them.

At the same time, their voice goes out

into the whole earth.

—From Creation