by D. Sutherland & K. Nowery

Spire Resources, Inc.

Camarillo, California

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Reviewed by Jean-Luc Lézeau, Associate Director, General Conference Stewardship Ministries

Dave Sutherland and Kirk Nowery are president and executive vice president of Injoy Stewardship Services, a branch of well-known John Maxwell’s endeavor to train leaders. Between the two leaders, these men represent more than twenty-five years of successful management in the market place and decades of pastoring in large churches across the country.

The book and its accompanying binder are designed to mobilize Christians to become totally committed stewards. It is more than a program. It is a strategic plan with the potential to transform your church—the way people think and live, and the way they give. It is an excellent resource which covers the same topics that Seventh-day Adventist stewardship leaders have been trying to teach during the last ten years: a deeper, more meaningful understanding of biblical stewardship.

While the book covers 33 laws that are timeless principles of stewardship, the binder contains a precise calendar of events for your church, sample letters you can send to church members, sermon topics that you can develop to your liking, and adult and youth lessons that can be adapted to your environment.

This material is a must for the stewardship leader who wants to make a difference.