In Financial Parenting: Showing Your Kids that Money Matters, you will find an excellent blend of biblically-based philosophy and practical advice, along with lots of suggestions and activities for parents and children.

The authors discuss changes in financial attitudes over the last century and the growing effect of credit on society. They appeal to parents to teach their children biblical principles of finance, suggesting approaches for communicating effectively with them.

Hands-on materials include questionnaires—an interesting one for children 8+ years on is ?Financial IQ?—and sample budgets for children at different age levels.

This volume was authored by Larry Burkett, former president of Crown Financial Ministries, and Rick Osborne, founder and president of LightWave Publishing and LightWave Kids Club Magazine. By the way, help your child check out LightWave\s colorful website for new publications, activities, and stories just for them! (See