Reviewed by Rachel J. Child, Project Coordinator, Adventist Review

In this age of trying to look good by being thin, comes another book on the subject of weight loss. This book is different though. It is thoroughly centered on the grace of Jesus Christ.

The author deals with conscious eating and trusting our body’s signals for food. By listening to our bodies’ clues for food, we will only eat when necessary. Much of "overweightness" comes from emotional eating and overeating. The premise is that by God’s grace, we can overcome all bad eating habits, and be the uniquely created being that God intended.

The book covers how to respond to the temptation of making unhealthy choices by using a power greater than our own. Through prayer and conscious eating, we will release the extra weight and become the wonderful being that God created.

There are questionnaires, charts, and food logs to help you realize your food habits. Throughout the volume, the author brings you back to your need of a relation-ship with Christ, so that you can be your best for Him. And with that relationship in tact, the weight will stay off.