by John Koessler

Moody Publishers

Chicago, Illinois

2003 US $12.99

Reviewed by Jean-Luc Lézeau, Acting Director, General Conference Stewardship Ministries

Then you run a topical search on the subject of discipleship at, you will come up with at least 2243 hits! The findings are not all related to biblical discipleship, but the site reveals a wealth of material that is available today on the subject. Whether this is a recent trend or not, the fact is, there is much renewed interest and focus on Jesus’ last command: ?Make disciples.?

Among the many authors on discipleship, Koessler presents ?The art of following Jesus,? the subtitle of his book, very closely to what we have tried to present in our stewardship seminar on the topic. Discipleship, like stewardship, is a lifestyle. It is not primarily about what we do; it is an outgrowth of what or who we are.

Disciple making, says Koessler, is not a matter of programs but of people. It still takes a disciple to make a disciple. And that may be the challenge we are faced with. Do we have enough disciples to grow more disciples? An excellent book for those interested in authentic Christian living. Companion guide also available.