by Glenn McDonald

FaithWalk Publishing

Grand Haven, Michigan

2004 US $14.99

Reviewed by Jean-Luc Lézeau, Acting Director, General Conference Stewardship Ministries

When he was asked a pointed question at the close of a monthly church board meeting, Glenn McDonald realized that his church didn’t have a comprehensive strategy for transforming men, women, and children into lifelong learners of Jesus Christ. Not being able to answer that question immediately led him to a profound transformation in the way he was pastoring his church.

What makes this book interesting is that the author talks about his own experience. Many pastors and church leaders should make the same journey. We must first realize that most Christian churches tend to define success by the number of people who have made a decision. But does being part of a ?number? give us sure access to the Kingdom? ?

American culture? McDonald says, ?has unapologetically absolutized that is, made more important than anything else possessions, pleasures and power.? What is frightening is that, for better or for worse, each of us is somebody’s disciple.

McDonald explores the discipleship process in two ways. 1) He looks at six discipleship relationships from the perspective of the Apostle Paul: Who is your Lord? Who are you? Who is Barnabas? Who is Timothy? Where is your Antioch? Where is your Macedonia? 2) And then, the six marks of a disciple: A heart for Christ alone, A mind transformed by the Word, arms of love, knees for prayer, a voice to speak the Good News, a spirit of servanthood and stewardship. This book has had a lasting impact on many readers. It could have the same effect on you!