by Faith Kids

Cook Communications Ministries

Colorado Springs, Colorado

2000 US $19.99

Summary: Help your child to learn about giving, saving, and spending money with this practical tool.

My Giving Bank is a practical tool to help children learn about giving, saving, and spending money. As you help your child decide how much money should go to the church, the bank, and the store, you will be assisting him or her in developing important habits that he can carry with him for a lifetime.

The durable plastic bank is molded in the shape of a colorful building with three sections—bank, store, and church. It comes with colorful stickers that your child will enjoy placing on the buildings. Each of the three sections has its own opening for coins and can be opened and reopened at the base for removing money.

The biblical principle that God invites us to partner with Him in the care and managing of His resources is a concept that children need to be taught early in life. Also included is a Faith Parenting Guide that will give parents valuable tips and suggestions on how to make money management a rewarding adventure from childhood through adulthood.

The only downside is the list price of the bank. However, it can be purchased for US $12.99 at and at for US $13.99.