by Dan Benson

Word Publishing Group

Nashville, Tennessee

2000 US $14.95

Reviewed by Jean-Luc Lézeau, Associate Director, General Conference Stewardship Ministries

I know, I know! We do not like to talk about it, but it will come. The question is, will you be ready for your retirement?

In major countries in Western Europe, retirement is not much of a concern, since the social security system there takes care of most of the problem.

Dan Benson, however, addresses a problem that most people in the United States have to face. Can I rely only on social security to live on during retirement? The problem is that with today’s life expectancy, you may live as long in your retirement as in the years you have worked! Can any system guarantee your income for such a long period of time?

In his book, Dan gives much advice for saving today’s money so that it may be placed in a secure investment. One chapter explains all the intricacies of various insurance policies, and for this information alone, his book is worth reading.