by Max Lucado

Crossway Books

Wheaton, Illinois

2001 US $10.99

Summary: Visit Punchinello in Wemmicksville again! Max Lucado has a way of using story to draw us in and see ourselves more clearly. This work, beautifully illustrated by Sergio Martinez, is an excellent way to talk to children about being content in Christ.

In the language of author, Max Lucado, “Good Wemmicks have a lot. Not-so-good

Wemmicks have little.” With these words, the theme of this engaging children’s

book—contentment—is dramatized. You Are Mine takes us on a journey to

Wemmicksville to visit Punchinello and his wooden friends. Readers may recall the

first book about Punchinello, You Are Special.

When Tuck brags about his beautiful new box, Punchinello finds himself being

drawn into a competition to have the best and most boxes and balls. Soon the whole

town is involved and the situation is looking quite ridiculous. Punchinello sacrifices

just about everything he owns, including his home, to have the most boxes and


The use of story has a way of drawing us in and seeing ourselves in the struggle.

Beautifully illustrated by Sergio Martinez, this work is an excellent way to talk to

children about truly being content in Christ.