by Ron Bennett

NavPress Publishing

Colorado Springs, Colorado

2001 US $11.00

Reviewed by Claire L. Eva, Assistant Director, General Conference Stewardship Ministries

In his book, Intentional Disciplemaking, Ron Bennett says, “To Christ, discipleship was following Him, not just His principles, ideas, or philosophy. It was not primarily conceptual but personal.… Jesus specifically gave points of reference as to what makes someone his disciple: commitment, competence, character, and conviction” (p. 14).

The book is an unusual combination of sentences packed with wisdom, and language that flows comfortably, with vivid illustrations the reader can’t help but ponder. Bennett’s appeal is to disciples who want to help other members “grow up” into mature adults. He describes three stages of discipleship—childhood, adulthood, and parenthood. Spiritual parents are spiritual mentors: “Christians who have a history of experiencing the reality of Christ and are now mature and responsible enough to encourage spiritual growth in others” (p. 29).

As you read, you will learn the difference between Christian conformation and transformation, ways to “evangelize with a penetrating strategy of ongoing love, relationship and service,” and more about how NonChristians think and feel. If you want to help the world and church see authentic followers of Christ, you won’t want to miss this book!