by Dallas Willard


San Francisco, California

2006 US $23.95

Reviewed by Benjamin C. Maxson, Senior Pastor, Paradise SDA Church, Paradise, California

In an age when Christianity is becoming increasingly generic and losing its life transforming focus, Dallas Willard presents a resounding call to reclaim Christ’s teachings on discipleship. The Great Omission covers a number of years of discipleship study and emphasis. The author has been a clear voice in the study of spirituality and discipleship, and this volume continues his tradition of insightful writing in these areas.

As a collection of articles, essays, and presentations developed over many years, this book does have some repetition. However, that very repetition adds emphasis to the importance of the subject. Willard presents a clarion call to move from making Christians to Jesus’ original commission to make disciples. In doing so, he confronts the contemporary reality of a Christianity that leads to lifestyles that differ little from those of the world around us. Instead, he challenges us with the concept that we must apply our understanding of Christ and God’s kingdom to every area of life. For Willard, biblical Christianity means a journey of intimacy with God and learning from Jesus as our Teacher. Read this book if you wish to be challenged with the invitation to discipleship and disciple making.