The following are the services offered by the General Conference Stewardship Ministries team. Requests may be sent via the email button below:

  • Leadership Training: General Conference Stewardship directors work with church leaders in venues coordinated with divison leaders.
  • Sermons: Limited availability for preaching appointments when directors are in area. Sermons may also be found at the following link: Sermons.
  • Stewardship Certification: The General Conference Stewardship Ministries works with division leadership to provide training programs for certification for stewardship trainers.


Daily Devotional

An instrument in His hands

A few days later, while conversing with a friend of mine who owned a shop, I suggested he might try to sell some of my cassettes. Because he had heard me sing at quite a few functions, he suggested I set up my backing equipment outside his shop and see what would happen.