by Kennon L. Callahan

Jossey-Bass Publishing

San Franisco, California

1992 US $17.95

Reviewed by Jean-Luc Lézeau, Associate Director, General Conference Stewardship Ministries

There are two facts which are true in any congregation: 1) There is never enough money. 2) God will provide to accomplish His mission. How do we reconcile the two? Callahan stresses that before a church can be successful in fundraising, it needs a clear sense of mission. Giving, he says, is in direct proportion to the churches’ sense of mission.

From this premise Callahan explores the six sources of giving: spontaneous giving, major community worship giving, short-term giving, annual giving, and enduring giving. He then goes into an area that we tend to neglect as stewardship leaders: the motivation that pushes people to give. And there, at the base of generosity, we can learn that compassion, community, challenge, reasonability, and endurance are sources that we have to tap if we want to fill our flask.

Although I would like to have seen the author develop a stronger biblical basis, this book will help pastors looking for counsel on practical tools for a stewardship program.