A hearty thank you to the many readers who sent back their survey forms!

Listening is defined as paying attention, to “hear something with thoughtful attention; to give consideration” according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary.

My editorial assistant and I have been ‘listening’ to your surveys and have heard you express the ideas, topics, and resources that would be the most helpful for your field and stewardship ministry.

Your survey ratings placed discipleship, personal formation, and spirituality along with small group resources, as regular features that you would like to see more emphasis placed upon. The topics chosen in the survey disclose that practical money management and financial stewardship education for the church were equally significant as the spiritual emphasis in stewardship.

This issue of Dynamic Steward is highlighting Lifestyle and Finances and is also introducing a new regular feature titled “Tool.” This will be an article that is a useful ‘tool’ for your employment in stewardship ministry. Betsy Schwarzentraub’s “Living as Those Jesus Loves” may be utilized as the basis or starting point for a sermon. The questions included also offer an excellent resource for a small group study on the ‘theme of Jesus Christ calling believers his friends.’

Our feature major contributor Kent Hansen, JD, shares “The Spiritual Roots of Stewardship’ in the form of how to organize a church group or seminar on stewardship. Thus, adding a second ‘tool.’

We welcome the participation of North American Division stewardship director G. Edward Reid introducing “One-on-One” also a new regular feature. This will be a place where our division directors will share their experience thereby facilitating discipleship and mentoring that is relevant for novice stewardship leaders while sharing specific field practice.

We are enclosing a new survey to request your say with this issue. Your contribution and feedback are valuable in providing you with a helpful ‘tool’ in the field. Our goal in Dr. Greg Ogden’s words is to ‘equip, encourage, and challenge’ the equippers in the field.

Alongside you in His service,

Maria Ovando-Gibson