adapted from materials by Larry Burkett with Marnie Wooding

Moody Publishers

Chicago, Illinois

2000 US $12.99

Reviewed by the Staff of Dynamic Steward

If you don’t have plans for how to spend your money, plenty of others are willing to spend it for you. Advertisers. Friends. Credit card companies. Relatives. Fast food restaurants. Clothing stores. If you don’t want others to keep spending all of your money for you, it’s time you read this book.

Money is powerful. With it people can pay living expenses, pay for fun things, save for what they need or want to buy later, or buy stuff for other people. Money can also be used to divide families, cheat people, or invest in really dumb things. Money Matters for Teens, along with the companion Money Matters for Teens workbooks, will help you learn to use the power of money for good things. To order go to